Eirian Houpe
I've been writing since around the age of ten, maybe a little before that, and throughout my adult life I've always maintained a strong presence in a number of fandoms. That, combined with my love of language led me to the world of writing, and I don't think I've ever looked back.

I'm never fully at peace unless I'm writing, and inspiration often comes thicker and faster than I could ever hope to keep up with it, which, I suppose makes me lucky in many regards.

Use'ara, my multi-dimensioned world came into being over a decade ago in a seed set within a dream.  I spent many years organising my thought and ideas, creating new language and landscapes, cultures and cross dimensional existences, and finally, when I was ready to write, my life had exploded into an excitement all of its own and I moved a good distance across this world to be with the one I love.

My current projects certainly have a leaning toward my first literary loves, those being science fiction and fantasy, as well as one that walks the line between paranormal and horror, and in addition to that, writing under a pen name (Linden S Barclay) in order to avoid genre confusions, I have a contemporary romance series under development, the first of which is published on Kindle and available worldwide.

Please check out the 'books' section of the website for more information about available books and ongoing projects.

With my background as a teacher, it would be remiss of me not to express the importance of instilling a love creative writing in young people. Through my career I've been involved in many young writers' initiatives both as a teacher and writer. I've brought that expertise with me to my writing career, also working on a YA fantasy series, but, along side that, I offer writers' workshops for groups and individuals of all ages. Please see the Workshop page of the website for further details or contact me for more specific, personalized information.

Finally, I blog - about my projects on their own specific sites, and in general, sometimes cross posting, on Medium and Livejournal . I'm also registered as a creator on the crowdfunding website Patreon. ​ I hope to update there very soon.

Please check out my online presence, and join me on this creative journey through all of life's surprises, twists and turns.  It'd be great to have you along!

"Writing the journey of infinite possibilities."